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Social media marketing is playing a key role for every business from the start of this year. Many physical markets are closed due to this pandemic and most of them are available online and that is the reason of tough competition on social media. So, now you have to be very strategic to market your products / services in the world full of online businesses.

Every business spend a lot of budget on marketing and only few of them are able to stand out, this shows that budget is not the only thing to get places in digital world. Here we will be discussing about many other aspects which are important to boost your social media marketing with the same budget you are spending now. So let’s get started.

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Observe Your Business Before Making a Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of my friend uses a unique strategy and he is millionaire now so I will adopt the same to get success? NO, that is not the case. Every business has different audience and you have to find that audience with your strategy. Follow the steps down below to make your own strategy.

Deeply Study Your Product

First of all deeply study your product, you must have a complete grip. Must know that how your product is good as compare to your competitor as you have to compete countless competitors while doing a social media marketing campaign. Try to find out at least one feature which no one is offering like free shipping, lowest price, easy return or any other product related feature.

Now this feature will help you market your product until some other competitor adopt it. Most of your campaigns will prominently advertise this feature as no one is offering that till now. Initially it could lower your profit margins but believe me it will give your unexpected results in long term.

Choose Your Primary Platform

Secondly, choose the platform which best suits your brand. I am not saying you have to keep your presence on just a single platform but choose the one where most of your audience is and make your primary presence there.

Keep in mind that Facebook is not for everyone to run ad campaigns, try to choose which best matches your brand image. You can have a look on your competitors in choosing a primary platform, notice that where they are present all the time and what is the reason behind it.

Search For Target Audience

After setting a primary platform, search for your target audience if you want to succeed in social media marketing . At this stage you should not add your opinions in finding the right people for your product as you’re working online so you don’t know who could be the right person, use online tools to do so. About every social media marketing platform provide you Audience Insight Tool to do so.

You can put your product related keywords here and choose a country in which you want to do your business then it will show you all the demographic results and note these results to better optimize your campaigns. These tools will show you the size of audience, top locations, gender in percentage and age group for your niche. Now you know your audience well.

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Setup Events pixel

Now you have to setup your pixel. Pixel is actually a piece of code which you put in your website to record events of what people do on your site. About every social media platform offer this tool for free with different names as Snapchat call it “Snap Pixel” or Pinterest call it “Pinterest Tag” or you find many other names but the thing is same. Now, why pixel is so important? Actually you have to be very smart to optimize you ad campaigns on social media, no one want to spend extra penny on advertisement. Pixel actually record every kind of to and make a data base for you and further you use this data to choose your audience for the next campaign.

Choose The Right Media

Choosing media for your ad is not as simple as you think. Actually you have to go through the advertising policy of the platform before choosing the right image/video for your ad campaign. There are many restrictions which you can’t imagine before reading the policy page.

If your media do not fit in their advertisement policy, they will reject your ad and the multiple rejections cause the blocking of your ad account. Try to avoid this as it can slower/stop your business for some days and it’s not considered a good thing in online market.

Choosing The Right Ad Copy

Now it’s time to choose your ad copy. Your ad copy should also meet the advertisement criteria of the platform as it can also restrict your account from advertisement. Your ad copy must be very attractive as this is the thing in which you can directly talk to your audience in your whole social media marketing campaign.

Write about your offers and all the things which can attract customers. Many of the people use emojis in their ad copy to make it more attractive but it is controversial among marketers to use it or not. In my opinion you have to use emojis because people love fun related stuff and the emojis have power to get customers attraction otherwise you have only black text and that’s all.  

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Choose The Right Objective

After all that you are about to launch your campaign but before launching keep in mind that you do not have to choose conversion objective initially as you will waste a lot of money and will not get anything in return, choose basic goals like engagement, brand awareness, site traffic and others related to them. Feeding your pixel is the good thing if you are looking for long term goals. Your pixel should have enough data before you start doing a conversion campaign.

There are a lot of things which you have to learn if you want to get place in digital world but these were the basics you must have to know before making a social media marketing strategy. In a single post I’m not able to discuss all of them but we will surely discuss a lot of next level strategies which will surely work for you. You can ask anything in the comments down below. STAY CONNECTED!

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