If you lie in the category of SMEs and you want to explore something new, let’s get started!

Social Interact Through Social Media

In order to get going through the pandemic crisis there are tips for small businesses as you have to make a connection with your new and existing customers. And no platform could be better to deliver value than social media.

tips for small businesses
  • Maintain the social media presence of your website.
  • Interact with your audiences and show that you are always there for them.
  • Reply to comments quickly and try to talk with your audience.
  • Do video interactions to extend support to your audience.

Create Real Value For Your Customers Through Blogs

Now that your sales are not that much as before corona, just make sure that you are still providing value to your customers. Through informative content on your blog page, tips for small businesses that will increase your online presence and offer value to your customers.

  • Find a connection of your products to trending topics.
  • Show that you are open to business by sharing content of your offerings.
  • Reoptimize your previous posts on the website to make them useful for the pandemic.
  • To capture the readers’ attention, Reuse your previous blogs in video formats.

Use Live Streaming and Webinars

Last-minute cancellations from the offline marketing campaigns were much seen in the month of March! So, tips for small businesses how these businesses are interacting with prospects in the time of lockdown? online meetups through live streams and webinars have quickly replaced offline events. In this way, small businesses can avail of market opportunities with reduced costs.

  • You can make how-to and product tutorial videos.
  • Training and workshop videos.
  • Interviews with relevant industry experts.
  • Make a video about how you are coordinating with your employes in corona time.

Connect With Online and Small Business Industries

If there was no time for this before, try it now! Contribute to the social good, and this will surely result in increased visibility among your target customers. Remember, no business grows in isolation. As society changes, your business will also come out successfully, post the lockdown.

  • Work with local charity groups and non-profit NGOs.
  • Create a business model that somehow contributes to society.
  • Train your employees to take part in volunteer work.

Plan for the Worst-Case Scenarios

It’s time to analyze anything that could happen if you make a decision. In this pandemic there are tips for small businesses, calculations may not work as before so you have to prepare yourself for any type of positive or negative outcome. Try to keep a few percentages of all your revenue sources in the form of cash to support your business ideas.

  • Convert your fund-based outstanding into short-term benefits.
  • Make short term investments.
  • Hold your capital expenditure projects for the next few months.

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