Here are some great ways to market your products to Xers. Generation X was born between a smaller period of time as they were between 1965 and 1980 and sometimes referred to as the link between Baby Boomers and Millennials. Gen Xers are now doing some busy jobs or they are doing child care and trying to reach the peak of their careers so its not easy to market your products without homework.

This generation has passed through the time as to how video cut off the radio star and they are more cynical about having enough money to retire. Although there is not much room to market your product as these people are always busy and mostly they do not pay attention to traditional advertisements, I have some tricks to trap them in an ethical way.

Market your products with Coupons

Making someone’s life easier is the biggest trap to force him to rely on you and when someone starts relying on you he never gonna leave you. This is the way you can attract Xers towards your product. Xers have to pay utility bills, saving for new business, saving for their old age, etc so they always want to cut prices in every product that is the reason they love coupons. Coupons provide them the extra value of money. Add coupons in your product and Xers never gonna leave you.

Be a Fervent

This generation is not much attracted to trends and new fashion. They somehow want to buy a product that is also beneficial for society or the environment. So try to pretend your product as environmentally friendly or make your company active in some social work also. market your products or company should have a positive image in society and Xers should have good vibes about the product. Your image helps in making a post buying decision.

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Try Direct Mail

You may not consider what seems to be an old way of marketing to work with this generation. But, according to a study from NuStats, InnoMedia and Vertis, 86% of Xers bring in the mail every day and 68% have alo used coupons they received in the email. They are more likely to be accepting paper bills as opposed to electronic currency, and send birthday cards through postal service instead of email. The days of receiving Chinese restaurants discount vouchers and newspapers of coupons in your mailbox are not over!

Give them a Break

Though Xers are self-professed savers, they are not saving it all for college tuition. So, they have money to spend on trips. Try to arrange some trips or events to make them happy even if vacations aren’t directly related to your service or product.

They are the most stressed generation right now that is why they need to have some fun to make them stronger for work again. Advertise your company how you can help while they are away. It’s likely that this generation isn’t buying tickets for one or two, but instead a family-friendly matter. It means a lot of planning and money goes into it, use your advertising to win Xers over and they may use your service for a long time.

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